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Young Adult Ministry

A Multi-Generational Ministry for infants to young adults, the Pre-School and Young Adult Ministry is built on the parable of the Talents. Our Spirit-Led Coordinators use their talents to build talents in our youth. The Ministry provides members of Providence and the community at large monthly fellowship activities, quarterly Christian-based programs, recreational programs and activities, mentoring, bible study, and our annual conference held in August. Through the Disciples of Providence Leadership Program, Providence empowers God's children to become our future leaders in the church, community and the world.



COVID-19 Safety: 

Future Testing dates for COVID-19 will be determined. Please see weekly announcements during Sunday morning service. 

Center for Disease Control [Protect Yourself]


Healthy Diet: 

Local Nutritionist 

Gias Organic LLC 

(678) 732-0284

3123 Main St. East Point, Ga 30344

Health Guide


Literature and Reference:

Please note that Providence will pay for the books and videos for young adults. 

Email for the access code. 

Get Financial Freedom Now


3 Square Meals


Say it!



Sinners Wanted


Get up and Exercise:

Hope Fitness


The Summertime Fine Health Challenge



Virtual Gospel Parties:

DJ LadyLocs


DJ Mannie Fresh

Music Section

Biblical themes from

Jesus is King the album

Every Hour 

A major theme throughout this song is the notion of time versus the nature of eternity.

Time is a temporal, finite, earthly concept. 

Time is a failed attempt to categorize eternity. 

When this choir sings “Every Hour - we need You!” 

They are calling the eternal into the temporal.

They are calling the eternal into the finite.

They are calling the eternal into time-eternity’s earthly expression. 

In hard times-our prayer should always be “Every Hour we need you !”

Both trouble and triumph are fleeting.

Good times are but a vapor; bad times are but a vapor. No wonder we say “Tough times don’t last;” no wonder we say, “Time flies when you’re having fun.”

As time flies, hold on to eternity!

We shall dwell in the house of the Lord - for eternity.






Sunday: 9:00 am
Sunday Discipleship Training: 11:00 am
Lunch with the Lord: Wednesday at Noon
Bible Study: Wednesday at 7:00pm

TV Broadcast Service: 11:00pm AIB TV (Comcast 5) 



1773 Hawthorne Avenue

College Park, GA 30337

Office: 404-209-1423

Fax: 404-209-1425 

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