Discipleship Training Lessons

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Summer 2021

Justice (Zoom meeting link)

August 2021

Kingdom Stewardship (Tony Evans, Author) 

With wisdom and purpose, God has entrusted you with a portion of His estate to manage and expand on His behalf. In the weeks to come, you will learn that stewardship is much bigger than managing your money well. Stewardship involves all that you have, all that you are, and all that you do under the loving and sovereign rule of God. Kingdom stewardship will help you take hold of the life you were created for.


The Books of Acts
1 and 2 Peter
Steward and Financial Freedom
Interim Experiencing God

Fall 2020

Experiencing God Chapter 7 Day 1-5

Summer 2020

Expository Apologetics Chapter 1 & 2

Expository Apologetics Chapter 3

Expository Apologetics Chapter 4

Expository Apologetics Chapter 6

Expository Apologetics Chapter 7

Expository Apologetics Chapter 8

January 2020

Song of Solomon Outline & Structure

Song of Solomon Lesson 2

Song of Solomon Lesson 3

Song of Solomon Lesson 4

Song of Solomon Lesson 5

Song of Solomon Lesson 6

Song of Solomon Lesson 7

Song of Solomon Lesson 8

Song of Solomon Lesson 9

Song of Solomon Lesson 10

Song of Solomon Lesson 11

Song of Solomon Lesson 12

Map of the Kingdom of David & Solomon

The Song of Solomon Union and  Communion

Solomon's Temple

The Song of Solomon Love

Solomon Kingdom

Misreading Scripture

Experience God

Trusting God

Book of Jeremiah



Lesson 2

Lesson 3

Lesson 4

Lesson 5

Lesson 6

Lesson 7

Lesson 8

Lesson 9

Lesson 10

Lesson 11

Lesson 12

Lesson 13

Lesson 14

Lesson 15

Lesson 16

Lesson 17

Spring 2019 Lessons

Transforming Grace



Search for Significance

New Member Orientation 

Summer 2018 Lessons

Knowledge of the Holy - Student Workbook  


Winter 2018 Lessons

History and Heritage 




New Member Orientation 

Other Lessons

Ephesians - A Bible Study

Disciplines of A Godly Man

1 & 2 Timothy


Battle for the Beginning 

Facing Your Final Job Review 


Hard Sayings of Jesus 

Job, A Messy Faith 



Know What You Believe and Why

Mark - Portraits of Jesus






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